$20,000 in prizes given away for free!


100% FREE to Play - No Cash Buy-in
WIN and You're In!
WIN a Trip to Las Vegas World League Poker Championships
Open to Everyone - No Memberships
Perfect for Beginners and Seasoned Veterans
Compete Against the Best Bar League Poker Players in Missouri
Open to All Ages

How the League Works

Missouri Legends Poker League is Missouri's largest poker league! We offer FREE poker tournaments which poker players earn points and gain rankings, qualifying contestants for bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual tournaments.


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Lake of the Ozarks Main Event
Las Vegas Main Event

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Excellent Patron Loyalty
Prizes Exceeding Your Patron Expectations
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Frequently Asked Questions

What fees are required to play in standard Missouri Legends Poker League tournaments?
Missouri Legends Poker League events are 100% free and open to any qualified patron. Any monetary requirements would be considered gambling and would break state and federal law. We do not accept or allow gambling at any Missouri Legends Poker League event.

Are you required to make a purchase to play in any Missouri Legends Poker League event?
NO. Again, this would be considered gambling and against the law.

How do you qualify to play in Missouri Legends Poker League tournaments?
Missouri Legends Poker League tournaments are open to any qualifying customer to that specific venue.

Must players be 21 to play in your tournaments?
All patrons must be able to meet legal venue requirements for age. Some venues' players may be required to be 21 years of age. All Las Vegas players must be 21 years of age. The Las Vegas event is held in a casino, so federal laws apply.

What are prizes available?
You qualify to win your share of prizes. Prizes may include gift cards from supporting venues, card marker medallions, tournament bracelets, seats into various tournaments and other specialized prizes. The Lake of the Ozarks Main Event may have a cash prize along with other prizes. For the Las Vegas event, prizes will be listed at the time of the tournament.

How do I bring this to my local bar and grill, restaurant, or charitable organization?
Contact us! We would love to setup a tournament for you! You can also get more information here.

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